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Name Description Packaging
For dairy Transglutaminase is used to improve the quality and texture of dairy products. Reduces syneresis. Increases the yield of the finished product by 15-25%. Reduces production costs by reducing or eliminating functional additives. Reduces the immunoreactivity of milk proteins. Transglutaminase is used in the production of yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, ice cream. Bag, 25 kg
Bag, 10 kg
For meat Transglutaminase is used to restructure meat products, to improve organoleptic and structural-mechanical properties. Provides an economic effect and an increase in the yield of finished products. Reduces or removes the use of functional additives.
The use of transglutaminase is recommended in the production of sausages, wieners, boiled, semi-smoked, cooked smoked, raw smoked sausages, ham, meat delicacies, convenience foods and other meat products. Transglutaminase can be used as an addition to the basic recipe, so the products willmake a higher level of quality.
Bag, 25 kg
Bag, 10 kg
For fish Transglutaminase is used to create large fish steaks from small pieces. Standardizes size, improves structure, helps in creating new products and forms, increases stability and shelf life. It is used for the manufacture of crab sticks, as well as the replacement of egg protein in them; for the manufacture of minced fish of high quality; in the production of standardized fish products of uniform quality. Bag, 25 kg
Bag, 10 kg