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Emulsifiers and stabilizers

Name Description Packaging
Xanthan gum Food additive E415 is used in food production as a thickener, gelling agent and stabilizer. It is well soluble in cold and hot water, milk, and also in solutions of salt and sugar. The use of xanthan gum allows you to increase the viscosity and elasticity of minced meat, to obtain a more stable and plastic structure of the finished product, as well as to reduce moisture loss during heat treatment and subsequent storage of finished products. It is widely used in the production of sauces, dairy products, minced meat, ice cream, desserts, bakery products, beverages, etc. Bag, 25 kg
Guar gum E412 food additive is used in the production of ice cream, yogurt and sauces as a consistency stabilizer and has the properties of increasing viscosity. Guar gum is well soluble in cold water, compatible with most other plant hydrocolloids, such as agar-agar, carrageenan, locust bean gum, pectin, methylcellulose and others that improve consistency. It is a fine powder of light colour and has excellent thicken and stabilizing properties, as well as successfully used in food production as an emulsifier. Bag, 25 kg