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Polymers Mirapol Surf S

Description Dosage, % Application
Mirapol Surf-S 110 0,5-1,0 Hard surface cleaning, glass cleaning, рН=1-12
Mirapol Surf S 600 0,5-1,0 Hard surface cleaning, glass cleaning, рН=1-12. Without preservatives, Ecolabel
Mirapol Surf-N HSC 0,1 Multifunctional cleaners for plastics, рН=4-9, high active
Mirapol Surf-S 310 2,0-5,0 Polymer for car wash, рН=1-12
Mirapol Surf S 900 0,5-2,0 Polymer for bathroom, WC cleaner, рН=1-6, Ecolabel, without preservatives
Mirapol Surf-S P Free Power 0,5-1,0 Automatic dish wash: tablets and powder, рН=1-12
Mirapol Surf-S 490 PF 0,5-1,0 Automatic dish wash: gels and rinse aid, рН=1-12б contains phenoxyethanol, Ecolabel