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Food acids and antioxidants

Name Description Packaging
Ascorbic acid Food additive E300, which is used in meat and fish products, canned food, confectionery as an antioxidant, preventing oxidation and discoloration of products. Carton, 25 kg
Citric acid monohydrate Food additive E330 is widely used in the food industry as a synthetic antioxidant and acidity regulator, colour stabilizer, hydrolysis catalyst. In the oil and fat industry, citric acid protects products from the degrading effect of heavy metals, that contained in them, through the formation of component’s complex. In this way, the probability of getting bitter of fats, margarine and butter is significantly reduced.
Citric acid is a white crystalline substance, well soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, and slightly soluble in diethyl ether.
Bag, 25 kg