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Polymers Mirapol Surf S

Description Dosage, % Application
Mirapol Surf S 600 0,5-1,0 Hard surface cleaning for bathroom, kitchen and glass. Avoid dried spots&streaks for shinier surfaces. The polymer protects the surface against soil redeposition and provides anti-fog benefits
Mirapol Surf S 890 PF 0,5-1,0 Bring superior performance in Phosphate-free formulations. Avoid spot & streak-free residuies on your dishware
Mirapol Surf S P-Free Power F 0,5-1,0
Mirapol Surf S 710 2,0-5,0 Vehicle wash & Dilutables. Prevents formation water drops on your vehicle, fast drying and easy to process
Mirapol Surf S 900 0,5-2,0 Acid Cleaning for toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners. Improved removal of visible soil from the first wash, long-lastinf effect due to polymer substantivity. Prevention of limescale encrustation